From tirelessly advocating for the needs of students and school districts, to providing the support to small businesses to create jobs in our region, Assemblywoman Fahy is at the forefront of providing the tools for success for the next generation through increased education funding and additional business opportunities.

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Education is one of Pat’s top priorities.  She convened the first forum on Common Core, asked tough questions about standardized testing, and called for fair funding for all schools.

Teacher Evaluations. Pat voted to remove the test results related to the new Common Core standards from teacher evaluations for two years to allow sufficient time for educators to implement the new standards and to modify the curriculum. Teacher evaluations have a place in our educational system and this legislation (A.10168) does not change that. Real consequences remain if a teacher is still rated as “ineffective” or “developing” based on local measures (with Common Core state test results out of the mix). High standards in the classrooms should be expected and are not the issue here; it’s ensuring the standards are developmentally appropriate and that the training, curriculum and related materials are available and accessible to teachers and students alike.

High Stakes Testing. Pat wrote an article which appeared in the Times Union which details her position on high-stakes testing. Please click here to read “Tests are at the core of failure.”

Community Service. Pat introduced legislation that will allow for community service to be made an option to be in place or in conjunction with suspension of students in public schools.  Currently, school administrators may impose a variety of penalties to students, including detention, in-school suspension, and out-of-school suspension for up to five days. Should a significant violation in a district’s code of conduct take place, the violation is then referred to the district’s superintendent. The superintendent’s only course of action is to provide a further suspension.  In certain situations, removing students from the school may be required in order to protect and preserve the safety and continuity of the learning environment for other students. However, in many cases, a prolonged absence from school can be counterproductive to the goal of schools: to prepare students to be contributing members of communities.

Education Funding. Pat works hard to fight for school aid formulas that are fair and to make sure our students receive the resources they need to succeed.



Crude Oil Safety. Pat sponsored the first legislation in New York requiring new safety measures for crude oil train storage facilities.

Conservation Easements in Bethlehem. Pat secured conservation easements for Bethlehem promoting smart growth while providing tax relief.

Leader on Conservation. Pat is a founding member of the NYS Caucus of Environmental Legislators. Additionaly, Pat has advocated for the Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail.



State Support. Pat supported state incentives to increase manufacturing and jobs.

Convention Center Advocate. Pat was an early advocate for the investment in the Albany Capital Convention Center to spur growth in regional tourism.

Building Partnerships.
Pat helps build partnerships between higher education and the business community to increase opportunities for our young people.