Metroland Endorses Patrica Fahy for the 109th Assembly seat

Of the six candidates running to fill the Assembly seat of the retiring Jack McEneny, one clearly stands out: former Albany City School Board President Patricia Fahy.

New York State Assembly District 109: Patricia Fahy

Her service on that board earned her praise from many quarters, as she worked tirelessly to, among other things, see through the plans to revitalize the city’s aging stock of school buildings. Her commitment to the education of Albany’s diverse student population is underscored by the fact that she has continued to work on youth- and education-related issues as a consultant and a member of local boards and school groups, as well as serving as co-chair of a youth work group during her time as an associate commissioner with the state Department of Labor.

There, she also pushed workforce development initiatives and advocated for employment funding for youth and the underemployed. She is an advocate of using tax credits as incentives for job training, internships and mentoring, and her approach generally is to connect proposed projects like the convention center and casino gambling to investments in job creation and training. The jobs focus is not surprising given her strong resume: She worked in the early Clinton administration under Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and later, she was the founding executive director of the Chicago Workforce Board.

Overall, Fahy’s experience, measured and constructive approach to problem solving, and clear passion for public service make her an easy choice. We heartily endorse her for the Assembly.

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